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Expanding the reach of Afro-Culture in Toronto.

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Surulere, a night to remember, immersed in the cultural experience that is a Lagos in Toronto party, I released all my inhibitions as the DJ played KU LO SA. Charged up with the energy that only a Lagos party can command, without knowing what I was looking for, I found it.

I’m not sure if it was the familiarity of hearing people speaking pidgeon or the amusement on everyone’s faces as they walked in and noticed the minute décor details that made it feel like home. From the minute you walked in, the atmospheric energy transported you fifty-five hundred miles away to Lagos.

Hosted at Twos Twos on Sep 4th, Surulere was a sold-out event that delivered a cultural experience like none other. Down to the music, people, food, drinks, and ambience. Surulere was carefully curated to invoke the nostalgic feeling of a night out in Lagos.

Besides the fact that the Cîroc was rocking in my system, I felt a wave of euphoric energy spread out through the club—everyone was vibing on the same frequency. Not only did I release all my inhibitions and had the time of my life, I also made connections to last a lifetime.

Surulere was not just a night to remember, but a prelude of what's to be expected from Lagos in Toronto.

The next event Lagos in Toronto has coming up this season is Love and Harmattan. It is the season of Love and Giving. December 30th, Lagos In Toronto is putting together an event to celebrate the holidays and bring the community together.

Get your tickets. Early bird ends December 15th. Looking forward to seeing you all there! :)

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