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Beyond the Strobe Lights

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Our goal as a collective goes beyond delivering entertainment. What drives us is serving the communities in which we live and work by spreading afro culture to the world. Afro culture to us means so much more than music, dance, and food. Our culture is rooted in the value of giving and taking care of those most vulnerable in our communities.

On December 5th, Lagos in Toronto collaborated with YUBSA (York University Black Students Association) to provide The Red Door Family Shelter with donations for the residents. In addition to providing emergency shelter, Red Door also offers services such as counseling, access to school, and healthcare.

More than a shelter- Red Door is a symbol of hope in the community. Giving is rooted in the fabric of who we are as Blacks and Africans. Whether home or abroad we’re committed to continuing to partner with organizations like The Red Door Shelter to drive positive change in our communities and beyond. We encourage you have some fun this Christmas and engage with the holiday spirit of giving. We are also giving and connecting with the community this holiday.

Along with giving, LIT is inviting the you to join the community for a big reunion and come celebrate the end of the year on a grand scale. Love and Harmattan - Detty December. Tis' the season to enjoy! Come make we chill and relax. Come ready to party all night. See you there.

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